Khalifa Medical City announces full range of pediatric rheumatology services

Khalifa Medical City announces full range of pediatric rheumatology services.

ABU DHABI, TGO: Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) has launched its end-to-end children’s rheumatology services for youngsters and their families in the capital, Abu Dhabi.

SKMC’s rheumatology specialists complement the hospital’s expansive range of child healthcare services while boosting access to quality pediatric rheumatological care.

Rheumatology is the study and treatment of diseases that affect the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. An international study cites that pediatric rheumatic illnesses are rare, with long-term inflammatory conditions of the musculoskeletal system affecting approximately one in 1,000 children.

Paediatric rheumatology is an ever-evolving speciality that often requires extensive collaboration with almost all other specialities, making it imperative that hospitals provide comprehensive care under one roof.

Dr. Zubaida Alismaili, Acting Deputy Chief Medical Officer at SKMC, said, “Pediatric rheumatology is an evolving field and one that comes with a perfect mix of academic and clinical work as well as research. Since rheumatological conditions are often secondary to other ailments, rheumatologists collaborate with almost all other specialities.

“We always place our patients’ needs at the core of all operations, and we are quite excited to offer specialised pediatric rheumatology services to the Abu Dhabi community. Due to popular demand and to ensure that children and their families will have easy access, we are pleased to announce that we are bringing on board a full-time doctor to provide these specialised services much closer to our patients’ homes.”

SKMC’s pediatric rheumatology services are provided at the following facilities Inpatient pediatric wards and pediatric ICU, Outpatient speciality clinics, and Daycare infusion centres.

SKMC’s pediatric capacity encompasses seven pediatric inpatient wards, 86 inpatient pediatric beds, and 20 PICU beds.