“Kharibulbul” International Music Festival to Commence in Shusha, Lachin

"Kharibulbul" International Music Festival to Commence in Shusha, Lachin

Baku, The Gulf Observer: As reported by media outlets, the eagerly awaited 7th edition of the renowned “Kharibulbul” International Music Festival is slated to grace the cities of Shusha and Lachin from May 11 to May 13, marking a significant cultural milestone in Azerbaijan.

Jointly organized by the esteemed Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Culture, the festival is poised to captivate audiences with enchanting concert programs and diverse presentations. Notably, the city of Shusha has been bestowed with the esteemed title of “the Cultural capital of the Islamic world for 2024,” further underscoring the cultural significance of the forthcoming event.

The upcoming edition of the “Kharibulbul” International Music Festival promises to be an illustrious gathering, drawing participation from member states of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) and their esteemed on-stage performance groups.

The grand inauguration ceremony is scheduled to take place on May 11 at the picturesque Jidir Duzu plain, marking the official commencement of both the “Kharibulbul” music festival and the prestigious designation of Shusha as the Cultural Capital of the Islamic World 2024.

It is worth noting that the “Kharibulbul” music festival, bearing the symbolic name of the revered flower emblematic of Shusha, holds a distinguished legacy dating back to its inaugural edition in May 1989. Since its inception, the festival has served as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and artistic vibrancy of the region, garnering acclaim both locally and internationally.

As anticipation mounts for the upcoming festivities, the 7th edition of the “Kharibulbul” International Music Festival promises to offer an unforgettable celebration of music, culture, and heritage, reaffirming Azerbaijan’s enduring commitment to fostering cultural exchange and artistic excellence on the global stage.