Li Qiang calls for stable global supply chains

Li Qiang calls for stable global supply chains

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: China unequivocally opposes protectionism or any form of decoupling, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said on Tuesday.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the first China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) and the Global Supply Chain Innovation and Development Forum, Li said China will get more deeply integrated into global industrial and supply chains to jointly build open and inclusive industrial and supply chains.

China will provide more convenience and better guarantees for foreign investors, the premier said, expressing the hope that entrepreneurs from the world will play an active role in promoting the sound operation of the global industrial and supply chains.

Li pointed out the importance of secure and stable industrial and supply chains, calling for strengthening the coordination of resources for key industrial chains on a global scale and refrain from interfering arbitrarily with market behaviors.

China will continue to provide the world with high-quality Chinese manufacturing and stable Chinese supply, he added.

To build mutually beneficial industrial and supply chains, China will actively promote industrial and production capacity cooperation with other countries and drive developing countries to participate more deeply in global value chains, he said.

He also said that China firmly supports global cooperation on industrial and supply chains and is ready to work with all parties to build more resilient, efficient and vibrant industrial and supply chains.

An initiative on global industrial and supply chain connectivity was launched during the opening ceremony. It urged the world to work together to advance the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment, and to reduce trade and investment barriers.

As the world’s first national exhibition focusing on supply chains, the CISCE kicked off in Beijing on Tuesday.