Mahaseel Festival is all set to begin in the Southern Area of Katara

Mahaseel Festival is all set to begin in the Southern Area of Katara.

KATARA, TGO: The sixth edition of Mahaseel Festival is all set to begin in the Southern Area of Katara the Cultural Village from today, offering a wide range of local farm produce. The event is being held in co-operation with the Department of Agricultural Affairs at the Ministry of Municipality. According to a press statement by Katara, the festival will be attended by 38 companies specialized in food industry and agricultural production.

The festival will continue till March 12 from 9am to 9pm. The Mahaseel Souq will continue operating on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays every week till May 15.

This year’s festival and souq will see the participation of a group of major national companies in the food production industry along with Qatari farms and nurseries. The festival supports local products from the food and agricultural sectors in addition to supporting farm production in Qatar.

Mahaseel is of great economic importance because it encourages local agricultural production and offers high-quality agricultural crops and food products, which include vegetables, fruits, dates, honey, milk, dairy, cheese and fresh meat, the statement notes.

The initiative puts the focus on the growing volume of agricultural and food items and markets the products of Qatari farms that have achieved wide fame and good reputation – while being available at competitive prices – in the wake of the support given by the country’s leadership to Qatari agriculture, local food production and livestock, in an effort to achieve sustainability in this economic sector.

Also, the festival is an ideal marketing platform through which the finest crops and fresh agricultural products of Qatari companies and the produce of national farms are presented. These include vegetables, fruits, dates, honey, milk, cheese and natural juices, in addition to sheep meat and poultry, as well as nursery products. Flowers and ornamental plants for home gardens are sold at the festival.