Ministry of Information Showcases Media Excellence at Muscat International Book Fair

Ministry of Information Showcases Media Excellence at Muscat International Book Fair

Muscat, The Gulf Observer: The Ministry of Information’s pavilion at the Muscat International Book Fair has become a focal point for visitors seeking insights into the pivotal roles and tasks executed by the Ministry in advancing the media sector.

The pavilion, meticulously organized, is structured around four main sections, each representing a significant facet of the Ministry’s multifaceted responsibilities. The sections include the Oman News Agency (ONA), the Directorate General of Publications and Artistic Works, the Directorate General of Electronic Media (housing the Ayn platform and media portal), and the dedicated Nizwa Magazine section.

The ONA section serves as a visual narrative of Oman’s development journey, showcasing the agency’s photographic archives. Interactive screens and picture panels intricately portray the evolving story of Oman’s progress, highlighting the nation’s achievements and advancements over the years.

In the Publications and Artistic Works section, visitors are introduced to the Ministry’s publications, along with works supported by the Ministry of Information. The section also features the Ministry’s latest publications, providing a comprehensive view of Oman’s literary landscape.

The Ayn Platform section takes visitors into the realm of Omani electronic books, with a current count of 39 available on its website. This section also offers a rich array of visual, audio, and written content from the platform, encouraging visitors to immerse themselves in the audio versions of Omani literary works.

Dedicated to celebrating the 30th anniversary of Nizwa Magazine, the fourth section offers a tribute to the magazine’s longstanding contribution to Omani media. This segment showcases various editions of the magazine, allowing visitors to delve into the magazine’s content, complemented by a short-film review encapsulating the essence of its three-decade journey.

The Ministry of Information’s participation in the Muscat International Book Fair reflects its commitment to fostering a robust media environment in Oman. Visitors to the pavilion are not only informed about the Ministry’s diverse functions but are also presented with an engaging and immersive experience that highlights Oman’s cultural and literary richness. The exhibition stands as a testament to the Ministry’s dedication to promoting knowledge, creativity, and the rich heritage of the Sultanate.