New Regulations in China Prohibit Excessive Personal Information Collection by Business Operators

New Regulations in China

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: China has introduced new regulations aimed at protecting consumer rights and interests by prohibiting business operators from collecting excessive personal information through apps while providing commodities and services. These regulations were detailed by an official from the Cyberspace Administration of China during a briefing held by the State Council Information Office.

According to You Xueyun, an official from the rule of law in cyberspace bureau under the administration, the regulations emphasize several key provisions:

  • Limiting Authorization: Business operators are barred from using one-time general authorization or default authorization methods while providing commodities and services through apps.
  • Relevance of Information: Operators are prohibited from coercing consumers into consenting to the collection and use of personal information that is irrelevant to the business activities being conducted.
  • Sensitive Information Handling: The regulations specify that the handling of sensitive personal information must comply with relevant laws and regulations, and operators are obliged to protect consumers’ personal information in accordance with the law.

You Xueyun emphasized China’s commitment to personal information protection, highlighting the enactment of the law on the protection of personal information in 2021. These new regulations further delineate requirements specifically focused on safeguarding consumers’ personal information.

The regulations are scheduled to take effect on July 1, reflecting China’s ongoing efforts to strengthen consumer privacy protections and regulate the practices of business operators in the digital sphere.