Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) to Boost Healthcare Services

Nusantara Capital Authority

Samarinda, The Gulf Observer: The Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) is set to enhance healthcare services in Nusantara, the new capital in East Kalimantan, through the improvement of existing facilities and attracting investments in new ones. Suwito, the Director of Basic Services at OIKN, announced plans to elevate the quality and accessibility of healthcare services during the initial stages of the capital city’s relocation.

Currently, Nusantara boasts 11 community health centers (puskesmas) and two regional public hospitals (RSUDs), positioned as key service providers during the initial relocation phase. Suwito emphasized ongoing efforts to enhance health facilities, including the addition of buildings and medical equipment and the elevation of hospital classifications.

The Sepaku RSUD, currently Class D, is targeted to achieve Class C status, while upgrades are underway for the Samboja RSUD, with aspirations to attain Class B status by the next year. Public hospitals in Indonesia are categorized into four classes (A to D) based on facilities and services.

To meet the rising demand for health workers accompanying Nusantara’s population growth, OIKN plans to leverage intern doctors, independent specialist doctors, and health workers from health polytechnics. Suwito mentioned plans to receive specialist doctors transfers and potential recruitment of additional healthcare personnel.

In parallel, construction is in progress for four hospitals in the new capital area, including an international hospital by the Ministry of Health, Abdi Waluyo Hospital, Hermina Hospital, and Mayapada Hospital. Three additional puskesmas are also slated for construction in the Nusantara area.

Suwito expressed confidence that the upgraded health facilities in Nusantara would provide residents with quality, safe, and comfortable services. The East Kalimantan government is actively preparing health workers to support facilities in North Penajam Paser and Kutai Kartanegara.

Jaya Mualimin, Head of the East Kalimantan Health Office, highlighted ongoing coordination with regional governments to ensure the efficient operation of health facilities in Nusantara and surrounding areas.