Omani RAM launches third cohort of National Programme

Omani RAM launches third cohort of National Programme

Muscat, The Gulf Observer: The Royal Academy of Management (RAM) has launched the third cohort of the National Programme for Developing Leaders and Future Foresight.

Several officials from the public and private sectors attended the event.

The programme prepares national leaders to face the rapid changes the world is witnessing and develops leadership skills in line with Oman Vision 2040.

Thirty-two middle management participants from different sectors of the state’s administrative apparatus are participating in the cohort.

This programme is conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance’s Partnership for Development Programme. Eller Centre for Executive Education Programmes at the University of Arizona will design and implement a world-class programme for building highly-qualified and experienced leaders.

Dr. Fathiya Abdullah Al Rashdi, Acting Vice President for Programme Affairs, stated that the programme will enhance participants’ skills in a variety of areas such as systematic institutional thinking, leadership methods, driving change and innovation based on creative thinking.

The programme will also focus on decision-making methods and develop strategic thinking skills.

She added that this will be achieved through educational modules based on multi-method learning that combines accelerators, individual and group training, personal interviews and research projects. Participants will also benefit from having mentors and supervisors from the private sector. She added that the programme will provide participants with a set of fundamental skills such as growth mindset, resilience, agile leadership style, creative and strategic thinking, cooperation, communication and persuasion skills.

In order to create a community of Omani trainers, and in line with its vision of localising knowledge, using modern tools and techniques and drawing on global expertise, the Academy has invested in a partnership with the Eller Centre for Executive Education Programmes.

The aim of this partnership is to transfer the latest skills and expertise on leadership training for national competencies in order to certify Omani trainers. They will then be able to cascade this knowledge, skills management and leadership experience. The trainers participated as observers in the first and second cohorts of the programme and will provide the content of the training modules for the third cohort. This will ensure the implementation of leadership programmes, promoting them at a regional and global level.

The training pathway for the third cohort of the programme includes five modules that will be implemented over a period of six months. The modules will focus on important aspects that contribute to preparing national leaders and equipping them with essential skills such as networking and relationship building, understanding the work culture of institutions, and identifying the success factors of different teams within an institution. It will also raise participants’ awareness of the importance of influence and enhance communication strategies.