Pakistan Maritime Security Agency saves lives of Indian fishermen at sea

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency

Islamabad, The Gulf Observer: On 6th October 2022, a Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) ship rescued 06 x Indian fishermen who were drowning close to International Maritime Boundary Line between India and Pakistan. As per details, PMSA ship was patrolling in Eastern maritime region and found six Indian fishermen in water, a rescue operation was launched immediately and all crew members of Indian fishing boat were safely recovered. Later, the Nakwa reported that their boat sank as a result of accident and they drifted towards Pakistani waters.

PMSA Ship provided rescued fishermen medical aid and food thus helping to stabilise their physical condition. Later, the rescued fishermen were handed over to an Indian coast guard ship operating in the area. The humanitarian gesture of PMSA ship was appreciated by the rescued fishermen as well as the Indian Coast Guard.

PMSA has always been at the forefront in saving lives at sea without any distinctions; the Rescue of Indian fishermen is a manifestation of this resolve.