PM Chính Attends Launch of Lạng Sơn’s 2024 Provincial Planning and Investment Promotion Seminar

Lạng Sơn's 2024

Hanoi, The Gulf Observer: Vietnamese Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính participated in a seminar on Sunday afternoon that marked the launch of the 2024 provincial planning and investment promotion for Lạng Sơn province. The event highlighted Lạng Sơn’s strategic significance in trade, logistics, transport, and national security due to its unique geographical location.

The provincial development plans aim to position Lạng Sơn as a growth pole and economic center of the northern midlands and mountainous region by 2030. The province is envisioned to play an increasingly vital role as a trade hub connecting Vietnam with ASEAN countries, China, and Europe.

Local authorities have set ambitious goals for Lạng Sơn, targeting an economic scale and Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) per capita ranking among the top 5 in the region. Additionally, emphasis is placed on ensuring a stable society, strong national defense and security, and environmental sustainability.

Key sectors identified for development include the border gate economy, industries, services, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, particularly focusing on the Đồng Đăng-Lạng Sơn Border Gate Economic Zone.

To achieve these goals, four strategic pillars have been outlined: digital transformation and business environment enhancement, socio-economic infrastructure development, border trade expansion and economic growth, and industrial development with a focus on quality, competitiveness, safety, and environmental standards.

While acknowledging Lạng Sơn’s recent socio-economic achievements, Prime Minister Chính highlighted areas that require attention, including addressing business operation bottlenecks, improving public investment disbursements, enhancing land management practices, and promoting livelihood improvements for residents.

PM Chính emphasized three key missions for the locality, underscoring the importance of strengthening relations and cooperation with China while safeguarding sovereignty and territorial integrity through peaceful means and bilateral agreements.

Looking ahead, the province will align its planning for the 2021-2030 period with a vision to 2050, integrating national master plans and optimizing resources for sustainable growth while enhancing human resource capacity.

In closing, PM Chính urged effective communication of the plans to gain public support and supervision, emphasized the need for accelerated administrative reforms, and called for improvements in the business and investment environment to attract potential investors.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of commitment and tangible results from the business community, ministries, sectors, and local authorities to build trust and drive momentum for sustained growth in Lạng Sơn province.