Poland begins training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets

Poland begins training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 jets

Warsaw, The Gulf Observer: The Polish government has confirmed the information about the beginning of exercises on F-16 fighter jets for Ukrainian pilots.

“Yes, it’s true,” a Ukrinfrom news agency’s source said when asked whether Poland could confirm the words of EU High Representative Josep Borrell about the start of training of Ukrainian pilots on the F-16s.

According to the Polish government, official information on this matter will be available a bit later.

The source also said that Warsaw is trying to actively help Kyiv in all possible directions, for example, also training Ukrainian tank drivers on Leopard 2s.

Earlier, Borrell said that several countries, in particular Poland, started training Ukrainian pilots to fly the F-16s.

According to Politico, Europe does not rule out that Ukraine might receive F-16 fighters as early as this autumn.

Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov’s advisor Yuriy Sak admitted that the Netherlands may be the first to provide Kyiv with F-16 fighters.