Pope Francis Urges Swift Peace Talks as Türkiye Proposes Mediation Between Russia and Ukraine

Pope Francis

Vatican City, The Gulf Observer: Pope Francis has revealed that Türkiye has presented a proposal aimed at jumpstarting peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. The Pope stressed the urgent need for negotiations to commence promptly to prevent further deterioration of the situation.

In an interview with Swiss media on Saturday, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of not delaying talks and called on leaders to act courageously for the sake of their people. He stated, “I believe that those who see the situation, think about their people, and have the courage to raise the white flag and negotiate are stronger.”

Highlighting the gravity of the current situation in Ukraine, the Pope underscored the need for negotiations, especially when faced with the consequences of war. “When you are defeated, when you see things are not going well, you need to have the courage to negotiate. You hesitate, but how will this war end with how many deaths?” he remarked.

Expressing optimism about the possibility of negotiations with the assistance of international powers, Pope Francis called for the selection of a country to mediate the talks. He disclosed that Türkiye has proposed initiating the peace process and urged leaders not to hesitate in negotiating before the situation worsens.

The Pope acknowledged that many countries are willing to mediate in the conflict in Ukraine and urged swift action to prevent further human suffering. “Today, there are many countries willing to mediate in the war in Ukraine, for example. Türkiye made a proposal to initiate the process. Do not hesitate to negotiate before things get worse,” he stressed.

Pope Francis, who maintains regular communication with the Catholic community in Gaza that is under Israeli attack, spoke about the impact of war based on the experiences shared with him by leaders. The Pope’s plea for immediate peace talks reflects the global concern for the ongoing conflict and the need for diplomatic solutions to end the crisis.