President Mirziyoyev Briefed on Highway Construction Plans in Uzbekistan

President Mirziyoyev Briefed on Highway Construction Plans in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, The Gulf Observer: President Shavkat Mirziyoyev was apprised today of the ambitious plans set forth for the development and construction of highways across Uzbekistan. These plans, aimed at bolstering both domestic and international connectivity, were unveiled during a comprehensive briefing session held at the Presidential Palace.

The strategic initiatives encompass several projects tailored to enhance the existing network of roads, thereby fostering greater ease and efficiency in vehicular traffic. Foremost among these endeavors is the project titled “Construction of Internal Roads with Cement Concrete Pavement,” poised to be executed with the collaborative efforts of the Asian Development Bank.

Central to the project’s scope is the construction of 841 kilometers of roads featuring cement concrete pavement, strategically spanning the Republic of Karakalpakstan and 86 districts within the regions. This expansive initiative is designed to benefit over 770 thousand residents inhabiting 272 mahallas. Notably, an allocation of $240 million from the Asian Development Bank has been earmarked to facilitate the seamless execution of this monumental undertaking.

Emphasizing a commitment to domestic expertise and enterprise, the construction and technical oversight of these projects will be entrusted entirely to local contractors—comprising private entrepreneurs and indigenous engineers. This concerted endeavor underscores a resolute dedication to empowering local talent and fostering economic growth within the region.

Upon the successful completion of construction, the mantle of maintenance and operational responsibility will be shouldered by the principal contractor for a stipulated duration of five years. This comprehensive approach underscores a steadfast commitment to ensuring the longevity and efficacy of the newly established road infrastructure, thereby fortifying Uzbekistan’s transportation framework for generations to come.

President Mirziyoyev expressed his resounding support for these transformative initiatives, underscoring their pivotal role in advancing Uzbekistan’s socio-economic landscape while fostering enhanced regional connectivity. With a firm resolve to realize these objectives, Uzbekistan embarks on a journey towards comprehensive infrastructural development, poised to reshape the nation’s trajectory and propel it towards a future of prosperity and progress.

This formal announcement signifies a significant milestone in Uzbekistan’s infrastructure development agenda, highlighting a concerted effort to leverage both domestic expertise and international cooperation in pursuit of sustainable progress.