President Mirziyoyev Extends Gratitude to Tajikistan for Warm Reception

President Mirziyoyev Extends Gratitude to Tajikistan for Warm Reception

Tashkent, The Gulf Observer: The press service of the head of state has confirmed that President Shavkat Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan has conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to the President and people of Tajikistan for their warm and sincere hospitality during his recent visit.

Both parties have expressed profound satisfaction with the outcomes of the high-level meetings, conducted in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual trust.

President Mirziyoyev reiterated the paramount importance of Tajikistan as Uzbekistan’s closest and reliable strategic partner, grounded in centuries-old ties of friendship between the two peoples. Highlighting the shared history, cultural affinities, and common values, he emphasized the enduring bond that unites the Uzbek and Tajik nations.

The signing of the Treaty on Union Relations has been hailed as a historic milestone, symbolizing the commitment to deepen the multifaceted strategic partnership and alliance between the two nations. President Mirziyoyev underscored the significance of this document, heralding a new era in bilateral relations.

Expanding trade and industrial cooperation has been identified as a priority area of collaboration, with both governments aiming to boost trade to $2 billion by replacing imports from third countries. The recent business forum witnessed the signing of pivotal contracts and agreements aimed at advancing this goal.

Moreover, efforts to establish the “Oybek-Fotekhabad” cross-border free trade zone and the “Andarkhan” trade-logistics center were underscored as crucial steps to enhance trade facilitation.

In industrial cooperation, joint projects in mechanical engineering, energy, metallurgy, mining, textile, pharmaceuticals, agro-industry, and other sectors have been identified as potential growth areas. The Uzbekistan-Tajikistan Investment Company will play a pivotal role in supporting such projects.

Cooperation in water and energy resources management was reaffirmed, with a commitment to continue constructive collaboration in transboundary water usage.

Enhancing transport and transit potential, modernizing border and customs infrastructure, and fostering interregional cooperation were identified as key objectives to promote economic development.

Cultural and humanitarian exchanges, including exhibitions, theatrical tours, youth forums, sports programs, and tourism promotion, were also highlighted as integral components of bilateral relations.

Both parties expressed confidence that the fruitful outcomes of this historic visit and the signed agreements will contribute to the rapid development and prosperity of both nations, further strengthening the bond between the brotherly peoples of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.