President Mirziyoyev Reviews Proposals to Enhance Social Services System in Uzbekistan

Mirziyoyev social services

Tashkent, The Gulf Observer: In a bid to fortify Uzbekistan’s commitment to social welfare and equitable opportunities, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev recently engaged with presentations outlining proposals aimed at bolstering the nation’s social services system, as reported by Uzbek media.

The press service of the head of state emphasized Uzbekistan’s designation as a social state in the updated Constitution, guaranteeing social support for the populace and the creation of egalitarian conditions for all individuals. Notably, concerted efforts are directed towards incentivizing the employment of persons with disabilities and extending social services to those who have endured oppression and violence.

Under the current framework, only products from enterprises solely owned by disabled associations are procured through direct contracts under state orders. However, with 669 enterprises and 8,300 individual entrepreneurs in the country, employing 50% of personnel with disabilities, recent initiatives seek to expand opportunities by allowing the purchase of products from all organizations and individual entrepreneurs meeting this employment criterion. This move is anticipated to create employment for approximately 20,000 people with disabilities across 3,000 businesses.

Recognizing the prevalence of violence against women, proposals also address the need for comprehensive social services. A new three-tiered system is proposed, featuring neighborhood-level monitoring by social workers, prevention inspectors, and women’s activists. Additionally, district-level “Inson” centers would provide psychological, legal, and social services without necessitating protection warrants, while regional facilities offer shelter and rehabilitation for up to six months.

Furthermore, measures to prevent violence in educational and occupational settings are underscored, including the development of rehabilitation programs for perpetrators and the establishment of offender registries by law enforcement agencies.

President Mirziyoyev endorsed these proposals, emphasizing the imperative of their implementation to ensure dignified living and working conditions for all women. Additional directives were issued to expedite their execution, reaffirming Uzbekistan’s commitment to fostering a society founded on social justice and inclusivity.