President Sadyr Zhaparov of Kyrgyz Republic to Embark on Official Visit to Kazakhstan

President Sadyr Zhaparov of Kyrgyz Republic to Embark on Official Visit to Kazakhstan

Astana, The Gulf Observer: President Sadyr Zhaparov of the Kyrgyz Republic is poised to undertake an official visit to Kazakhstan from April 18-19, in response to an invitation extended by his Kazakh counterpart, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, as reported by the media.

During the two-day visit, President Zhaparov is scheduled to engage in substantive discussions with President Tokayev, with a primary focus on addressing key areas of bilateral cooperation and charting the course for the future trajectory of Kyrgyz-Kazakh relations.

A pivotal component of the visit will include President Zhaparov’s participation in the 6th session of the Supreme Interstate Council of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Kazakhstan, highlighting the shared commitment of both nations to fostering regional stability and collaboration.

Additionally, President Zhaparov will partake in the unveiling ceremony of a monument dedicated to the legendary hero of the Kyrgyz epos, “Manas,” in Astana, further underscoring the rich cultural heritage and enduring ties between the two nations.

Complementing the official engagements, a series of forums and events are slated to take place on the sidelines of the visit, including the Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan Business Forum, a roundtable discussion involving esteemed elders, the Kyrgyz-Kazakh Youth Forum, and the Scientists Forum. These platforms will provide invaluable opportunities for fostering dialogue, collaboration, and exchange of ideas across diverse sectors, contributing to the deepening of bilateral ties and mutual understanding between the two nations.

President Zhaparov’s visit to Kazakhstan represents a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to strengthen and diversify the multifaceted relationship between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, underscoring the shared commitment of both nations to advancing cooperation, prosperity, and stability in the region.