President Tokayev Extends Nauryz Greetings to Kazakhstanis

President Tokayev Extends Nauryz Greetings to Kazakhstanis

Almaty, The Gulf Observer: President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev conveyed heartfelt congratulations to the people of Kazakhstan on the occasion of Nauryz meiramy, celebrating the cherished traditions of unity and harmony, according to media reports.

Addressing the gathering at Astana Square in Almaty, President Tokayev emphasized the significance of Nauryz as a unifying national holiday, transcending religious and ethnic differences. He remarked on the time-honored customs of hospitality, generosity, and communal celebration observed by Kazakh people during Nauryz, including the laying of abundant dastarkhans, well-wishing gestures, spring-well cleanups, and tree plantations.

President Tokayev highlighted the symbolic convergence of Nauryz with the Holy Month of Ramadan, underscoring the harmony between religious observances and cultural traditions in Kazakhstan.

This year’s Nauryz festivities extend for a remarkable duration of 10 days, with today being designated as Yntymak kuni – the Day of Solidarity. President Tokayev emphasized the paramount importance of unity and solidarity in fostering Kazakhstan’s enduring progress and stability.

In his address, President Tokayev lauded Almaty’s pivotal role as the golden cradle of Kazakhstan’s sovereignty, evolving into a vibrant hub of spiritual, scientific, and economic advancements. He unveiled ambitious plans for four significant projects aimed at enhancing infrastructure, including the construction and renovation of 12,000 kilometers of roads, modernization of district heating plants and utilities, initiation of a new rural housing program, and the provision of natural gas to over 300,000 households.

Concluding his remarks, President Tokayev extended his sincere wishes for the happiness and well-being of all citizens, reaffirming his commitment to steering Kazakhstan towards a prosperous and harmonious future.