President Xi and President Biden Engage in Candid Phone Call

President Xi and President Biden Engage in Candid Phone Call

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: In a pivotal diplomatic exchange, President Xi Jinping of China and President Joe Biden of the United States engaged in a candid and substantive phone conversation on Tuesday evening at President Biden’s request. The dialogue centered on the trajectory of China-U.S. relations and addressed various issues of mutual interest, marking a significant milestone in diplomatic engagement between the two global powers.

Reflecting on their previous meeting in San Francisco last November, President Xi underscored the forward-looking vision that emerged from their discussions, emphasizing the strides made in implementing mutual understandings and stabilizing the complex relationship between China and the United States. While acknowledging positive developments, President Xi also highlighted the emergence of negative factors that necessitate vigilant attention from both sides.

President Xi reiterated the fundamental importance of strategic perception in nurturing bilateral ties, emphasizing the imperative for China and the United States, as two major nations, to uphold mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation. He outlined three guiding principles for China-U.S. relations in 2024: prioritizing peace, maintaining stability, and upholding credibility through mutual commitment.

In response, President Biden echoed the significance of the China-U.S. relationship on the global stage, emphasizing the progress achieved since the San Francisco meeting as evidence of the potential for cooperation alongside responsible management of differences. He reaffirmed the U.S.’s commitment to avoiding a new Cold War, clarifying that its objectives are not aimed at altering China’s system or fostering conflict.

Both leaders concurred on the importance of robust dialogue and communication channels to manage disputes prudently and promote cooperation across various domains. They agreed to enhance coordination on international and regional challenges while fostering people-to-people exchanges and cooperation in diverse sectors, including counternarcotics, artificial intelligence, and climate response.

The phone call also addressed pressing global issues, including the situation in Ukraine and the Korean Peninsula, with both presidents expressing a commitment to dialogue and cooperation in seeking peaceful resolutions.

A joint statement released by the Chinese side emphasized the constructive nature of the conversation, with both leaders pledging to uphold the spirit of the San Francisco vision and advance consultation mechanisms across diplomatic, economic, military, and other domains. The statement also welcomed the upcoming visits of Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen and Secretary of State Antony Blinken to China, highlighting the importance of continued dialogue and engagement.

As the world watches closely, the candid exchange between President Xi and President Biden signals a commitment to stability and cooperation in navigating the complex dynamics of China-U.S. relations, underscoring the significance of dialogue and mutual understanding in addressing global challenges.