President Xi Chairs Symposium on Development of China’s Western Region

President Xi Chairs Symposium on Development of China's Western Region

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: Chinese President Xi Jinping, also serving as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, emphasized the necessity of advancing the development of China’s western region into a new stage marked by coordinated environmental conservation, increased openness, and high-quality development. President Xi made these remarks while presiding over a symposium focused on boosting the development of China’s western region in the new era.

Promoting Development through Opening Up:

President Xi underscored the imperative of promoting extensive development through comprehensive opening up, urging for the enhancement of both domestic and international openness in the western region. He called for the promotion of new land and sea corridors in the region and advocated for deep integration into the Belt and Road Initiative.

President Xi emphasized the need to propel high-quality development within pilot free trade zones and integrate the western region actively into the construction of a unified national market.

Focusing on Industry Advancement:

President Xi highlighted the importance of developing characteristic advantageous industries and fostering new industries tailored to local conditions. He urged for the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading, stressing the significance of scientific and technological innovation and industrial integration.

Efforts to bolster the technological transformation of traditional industries, upgrade equipment, and enhance resource utilization efficiency were emphasized by President Xi. Additionally, he emphasized the development of tourism and service industries as regional pillars.

Ecological Protection and Security:

President Xi called for accelerated efforts in major ecosystem protection projects, including forest and grassland fire prevention, pollution control, and energy-saving initiatives. He stressed the importance of integrating development with security and enhancing security capabilities in key areas such as energy resources.

Infrastructure Development and Rural Revitalization:

President Xi urged for innovative mechanisms in cross-regional industrial collaboration, emphasizing the development of economic circles and urban agglomerations. Additionally, he highlighted the need to implement the rural revitalization strategy, ensure regular support for low-income populations, and promote rural employment and income growth.

President Xi reiterated the significance of promoting urbanization tailored to local conditions and safeguarding national food security through the construction of high-standard farmland.

President Xi’s directives underscored the comprehensive and integrated approach required to propel the western region’s development into a new era of sustainable growth and prosperity.