President Xi Jinping Highlights 60 Years of Strong China-France Relations

President Xi Jinping Highlights 60 Years of Strong China-France Relations

Paris, The Gulf Observer: Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Paris for a state visit to France, heralding a new chapter in the enduring friendship between the two nations. In a written speech delivered upon his arrival, President Xi reflected on the rich history of China-France relations, which have stood as a beacon of cooperation and mutual respect over the past six decades.

President Xi expressed his delight to embark on his third state visit to France, extending warm greetings and best wishes to President Emmanuel Macron and the people of France. Recalling previous visits in 2014 and 2019 to celebrate milestones in diplomatic relations, President Xi emphasized the significance of the 60th anniversary of bilateral ties, evoking a sense of nostalgia as he set foot on French soil once again.

“As important representatives of Eastern and Western civilizations, China and France share a profound cultural affinity that transcends time and space,” remarked President Xi. He highlighted the longstanding cultural exchanges between the two nations, with French Enlightenment thinkers studying Chinese culture centuries ago, and French literary giants such as Voltaire and Hugo commanding admiration in China.

President Xi underscored the recent advancements in bilateral cooperation, particularly in aviation, aerospace, nuclear energy, agrifood, and green development. He lauded the close coordination between China and France on climate action, biodiversity protection, and global governance, emphasizing the positive impact of their collaboration on global stability and progress.

During his visit, President Xi pledged to engage in comprehensive discussions with President Macron on strengthening China-France and China-Europe relations in light of evolving global dynamics. He expressed optimism that the visit would deepen political trust, forge strategic consensus, and foster cooperation across various sectors, contributing to a brighter future for bilateral relations and global peace and development.

The state visit by President Xi underscores the enduring friendship and strategic partnership between China and France, reaffirming their commitment to mutual understanding, cooperation, and shared prosperity in the years ahead.