Promotion of Kazakh language among priority tasks: Tokayev

Promotion of Kazakh language among priority tasks: Tokayev

Astana, The Gulf Observer: President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev received President of Kazakh tili association, member of the Ulttyk Qurultay (National Meeting) Rauan Kenzhekhanuly, according to the reports of Akorda.

The meeting focused on the current issues of the youth policy improvement.

President Tokayev said that further development of the Kazakh language will always be among the priority tasks of the state policy. According to him, special attention needs to be attached to the practical work aimed at expanding the use of the language. In particular, the share of content and digital projects in the state language needs to be increased in the sphere of education, technology, and media.

The Head of State pointed out the importance of creating children’s animated films, expanding the release of films and scientific and educational literature, opening educational channels on social networks. In addition, it is necessary to gradually translate the global digital platforms in Kazakh and upgrade domestic information systems for learning languages.

The President dwelled on the importance of measures on increasing reading and writing literacy to preserve the purity of the language among different social groups, induing youth.

Tokayev called on the Kazakh tili association to make an effort to make Kazakh the language of science and technology. In addition, he suggested using the world practice of cultural and humanitarian organizations’ work through endowment funds to further activate the association’s activity as well as confirmed his personal support for such efforts.

For his part, Rauan Kenzhekhanuly spoke of the projects and plans carried out by the Kazakh tili association.