Qatar Foundation and Texas A&M University Conclude Over 20-Year Partnership in Qatar

Texas A&M University

Doha, The Gulf Observer: After more than two decades of collaboration, Qatar Foundation (QF) announced the conclusion of its partnership with Texas A&M University, a decision made by the Board of Regents of Texas A&M University. The conclusion follows the Board’s determination influenced by a disinformation campaign aimed at harming QF’s interests. QF remains committed to ensuring the continuity of education for current students at Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ) and the continuation of engineering studies at its Education City campus.

Established in 2003, TAMUQ has played a significant role in graduating over 1,500 engineers, fostering collaborations with industry, and contributing to groundbreaking engineering and sustainability research in Qatar. QF emphasizes its dedication to the academic development and personal growth of students, aiming to ensure a seamless transition for current students and uphold its commitment to engineering education.

Hend Zainal, Executive Director of Strategy, Management, and Partnerships within QF’s Higher Education division, expressed disappointment in the decision influenced by a disinformation campaign. She stated that the QF strategy for higher education will be accelerated and implemented to ensure the continuity of learning for students, aligning with Qatar’s needs and regional requirements.

Qatar Foundation’s Education City hosts six international partner universities, including TAMUQ, and Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU). The formal process and timeline for concluding the partnership between QF and Texas A&M University are currently under discussion. Despite the decision, QF remains steadfast in its commitment to providing world-class education and fostering a culture of research and innovation.