Royal Academy of Management Launch ‘Tasamo’ Leadership Development Programme for Omani Women

Royal Academy of Management

Muscat, The Gulf Observer: The Royal Academy of Management, in collaboration with the Omani Society for Human Resource Management (OSHRM), has announced the initiation of a specialized leadership development programme titled ‘Tasamo’, designed to empower and enhance the leadership capabilities of Omani women.

In a formal statement, the Royal Academy of Management articulated the objectives of the ‘Tasamo’ programme, emphasizing its commitment to fostering leadership skills, knowledge, and decision-making abilities among Omani women in prominent roles. The programme aims to facilitate knowledge exchange, showcase successful national and international experiences of Omani women, and cultivate a strong community of female leaders within the country.

The programme targets the participation of 50 Omani women representing diverse sectors, including public institutions, private enterprises, and civil society organizations. Eligible participants encompass chairpersons of women’s associations, professional bodies, and individuals holding general manager positions.

The executive education programme will be conducted in both Arabic and English, catering to participants from the public and private sectors, while the sessions for civil society members will be primarily conducted in Arabic.

Spanning a duration of four months, the ‘Tasamo’ programme will require participants to commit 2-5 days per month towards comprehensive leadership training and development.

The eligibility criteria outlined for programme participation mandates candidates to be Omani nationals, occupying supervisory positions such as general managers within the public sector (based on title, not financial grade), or holding equivalent roles within the private sector. Prospective participants must possess a minimum of ten years of professional experience, demonstrate proficiency in spoken and written Arabic and English, and hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Moreover, participants are expected to exhibit the requisite personal, intellectual, and behavioral qualities necessary for engaging in and sustaining active involvement throughout the duration of the programme.

The ‘Tasamo’ initiative underscores the Royal Academy of Management and OSHRM’s joint commitment to advancing gender diversity and leadership excellence in Oman’s professional landscape, fostering the next generation of empowered Omani women leaders.

For further information and enquiries regarding the ‘Tasamo’ leadership development programme, interested individuals may reach out to the Royal Academy of Management or OSHRM directly.