Royal Saudi Air Force Joins INIOCHOS 2024 Exercises at Greek Andravida Air Base

Royal Saudi Air Force Joins INIOCHOS 2024 Exercises at Greek Andravida Air Base

Andravida, The Gulf Observer: Members of the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) have arrived at the Greek Andravida Air Base to partake in joint exercises alongside multiple nations, announced the Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense on Friday.

The RSAF contingent will engage in the annual medium-scale exercise INIOCHOS 2024 air drill, organized by the Hellenic Air Force (HAF).

According to statements from the HAF, deployment for the exercise commenced on April 1 and will continue until Sunday. The subsequent phase, slated to begin next Monday and extend until April 18, encompasses the primary execution phase. The exercise’s final phase, involving force redeployment, is scheduled from April 19 to 21.

INIOCHOS 2024 stands as one of the most substantial military exercises on the European continent, gathering participation from various countries.

The RSAF’s contribution to the drill comprises six Typhoon aircraft, accompanied by their air, technical, and support crews, as confirmed by the Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense. The objectives of the RSAF’s involvement include enhancing readiness and combat efficiency, exchanging expertise among crews, simulating real-war scenarios, and conducting complex air operations in a multinational environment.

The HAF Fighter Weapons School will oversee the planning, execution, and debriefing of all missions throughout the exercise, covering a wide spectrum of air operations.

The drill encompasses offensive, defensive, and strategic counterair operations, alongside counterland and maritime operations, as well as combat search and rescue exercises.

Participating alongside the HAF are countries such as Cyprus, France, Montenegro, Qatar, Romania, Spain, the UK, and the US. Additionally, Austria and Portugal will contribute intelligence personnel and special forces, while Germany will dispatch a group of observers.

This year’s INIOCHOS exercises witness the largest deployment of fighter aircraft and helicopters since the inception of the drills in the 1980s, signifying the growing scale and significance of multinational military cooperation in the region.