Saudi Arabia Launches Nahawand Center – The Kingdom’s First International Music Academy

Nahawand Center

Taif, The Gulf Observer: A historic moment unfolded in Taif as Saudi Arabia inaugurated its inaugural international music academy, the Nahawand Center, in a partnership with the renowned Gnesins Russian Academy of Music. The collaboration, formalized through a signing ceremony on Sunday evening, represents a significant leap in fostering musical education and cultural exchange between the two nations.

The Gnesins Academy, based in Moscow, stands as one of the world’s foremost music universities with a rich legacy spanning 120 years. Acknowledged for its global influence, the academy has branches in various countries, including the United States of America, Britain, and France.

Dr. Abdullah Rashad, the general supervisor of the Nahawand Center, highlighted the agreement’s essence, emphasizing its role in elevating the proficiency and competence of individuals in Saudi Arabia’s music sector. This initiative aligns with the goals of Vision 2030, aiming to make the music sector a supportive force for the local economy while creating job opportunities and nurturing talent.

Ahmed Al-Shamrani, the executive director of Nahawand, outlined the comprehensive nature of the partnership, focusing on the establishment of the first academy in the sector. This academy is dedicated to developing educational and training programs, musical research, and accrediting official certificates for international trainees. The collaboration also encompasses teacher and student exchanges, joint academic endeavors, seminars, and cultural events bridging Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Angie Zadan, representative of Gnesins Academy, expressed her delight at the partnership’s fruition, foreseeing its impact on raising musical standards, fostering creative content, and serving as a cultural exchange window between the two nations.

The inauguration ceremony featured the vibrant Majrour dance of Taif performed by local folklore artists, complemented by an art exhibition showcasing the diverse artistic expressions. Participants had the opportunity to tour Nahawand Center’s facilities, witnessing student performances in the piano and vocals department, lute and oriental music department, content creation wing, and presentation department. The event also featured captivating musical performances by Nahawand students.

Noteworthy is the Nahawand Center’s standing as one of the leading music institutions in the Kingdom, holding accreditation from the Media Authority and the General Entertainment Authority in the arts, talents, and music sector. The launch of the Nahawand Center marks a pivotal moment in Saudi Arabia’s cultural landscape, promising to enrich musical education and foster cross-cultural understanding through the universal language of music.