Saudi Arabia to Host Third Global AI Summit

Saudi Arabia to Host Third Global AI Summit in Riyadh

Riyadh, The Gulf Observer: The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) has announced the hosting of the third Global AI Summit, scheduled to take place from September 10 to 12 at the prestigious King Abdulaziz International Conference Center in Riyadh, according to a report by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, President of SDAIA, emphasized the unwavering commitment of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman towards propelling the national agenda on data and artificial intelligence. This dedication underscores the Kingdom’s steadfast resolve to enhance its global standing in these transformative fields.

The summit is poised to convene a distinguished gathering of international ministers, organizational leaders, CEOs of prominent technology companies, and eminent AI experts. Together, they will engage in substantive discussions on the latest global advancements in artificial intelligence, while also unveiling pivotal initiatives and agreements aimed at propelling international endeavors in data and AI, all under the banner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Key themes slated for deliberation at the summit encompass AI innovation, emerging industry trends, the role of AI in shaping a more prosperous future, strategies for nurturing human talent in the field, and other critical focal points pivotal to the advancement of AI technologies.

The significance of this summit, under the visionary leadership of the crown prince, resonates deeply with the transformative successes outlined in Vision 2030. Riyadh, in this context, emerges as a dynamic global epicenter for pioneering AI developments, firmly establishing itself as a beacon of innovation and progress in the realm of artificial intelligence, as articulated by the SPA.

As anticipation builds for this landmark event, stakeholders across the global AI landscape eagerly await the insights, collaborations, and initiatives that will undoubtedly emerge from the third Global AI Summit, propelling the Kingdom and the world towards a future defined by innovation and technological advancement.