Saudi Crown Prince Hosts Citizens and Offers Prayers at Prophet’s Mosque

Saudi Crown Prince Hosts Citizens and Offers Prayers at Prophet's Mosque

Madinah, The Gulf Observer: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman extended gracious hospitality to a group of citizens during a visit to the esteemed city of Madinah. As reported by the Saudi Press Agency early on Thursday, the Crown Prince warmly welcomed several distinguished scholars and esteemed dignitaries during the visit.

The visit included poignant moments of spiritual significance as Crown Prince Mohammed offered prayers at both the revered Prophet’s Mosque and the historic Quba Mosque, underscoring the profound reverence and respect for Islamic heritage.

Upon his arrival in the Prophet’s City on Wednesday, Crown Prince Mohammed was received by the province’s governor, signifying the significance of the occasion.

In line with his commitment to engage with citizens across the Kingdom, the Crown Prince hosted a similar gathering for citizens in the capital city of Riyadh on Tuesday, coinciding with the advent of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and reflection for Muslims worldwide.

The Saudi Press Agency further reported that Crown Prince Mohammed departed Madinah early on Thursday, concluding his visit to the sacred city.