Saudi Film Commission Joins Association of Film Commissioners International

Riyadh, The Gulf Observer: The Saudi Film Commission has officially joined the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI), a global network comprising more than 360 film boards from over 40 countries, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The AFCI aims to support, empower, and connect film boards worldwide, fostering sustainable and integrated development within the international film industry. Through this membership, the Saudi Film Commission will gain access to a range of services, including global networking with film authorities, insights into international best practices, specialized training and development programs, and the latest updates on industry advancements.

By joining the AFCI, the Saudi Film Commission seeks to elevate the Kingdom’s film industry and position Saudi cinema on the global stage. This membership also empowers national production companies and local talent, facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge with international counterparts.

Founded in 1975, the AFCI is a global non-profit organization and the sole entity of its kind, encompassing film boards from numerous countries across six continents. It is dedicated to empowering industry bodies and stakeholders to foster economic growth within the film production sector.

The association provides a comprehensive network that connects various resources, educational opportunities, and funding from different countries, thereby facilitating international co-productions. This extensive support benefits film authorities, production companies, and professionals in the film industry.

According to the SPA, the Saudi Film Commission’s membership in the AFCI is a strategic step toward realizing its vision of establishing the Kingdom as a global hub for the film industry. This move aims to bolster the national economy and elevate the Saudi film industry on both local and international stages.