Saudi Ministry launches Qur’an exhibition in Brazil

Saudi Islamic Ministry launches Qur’an exhibition in Brazil

Riyadh, The Gulf Observer: The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs launched the “Exhibition of the Noble Qur’an” in Sao Paulo, Brazil, using virtual reality technology.

The eight-day exhibition, which began on May 1, will take guests and visitors through a tour of the Prophet’s Mosque using cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

The exhibit will also showcase a large number of publications of the King Fahad Complex for the Printing of the Qur’an in Madinah with 77 translations of Qur’an verses.

According to Saudi Press Agency, Head of the Middle East Department at the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sidney Leon Homeron praised the Kingdom’s relief efforts in line with religion, describing Saudi Arabia as a leading country in humanitarian, relief and development work around the world.

Head of the Center for Global Tolerance Dr. Abdul Hameed Metwally said that the efforts of the Kingdom are being witnessed by everyone, especially in the service of Islam, and that the Sao Paulo exhibition provides a simple definition of the religion for people to understand.

Metwally described Saudi Arabia as the “Kingdom of goodness and peace,” to which millions come during the Hajj season every year to return ambassadors to their countries carrying messages of peace and tolerance.