Saudi Arabia takes part in International Sugar Organization in Fiji

Saudi Arabia takes part in International Sugar Organization in Fiji.

Riyadh, The Gulf Observer: The Kingdom recently participated in the 60th session of the International Sugar Organization, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

It also took part in workshops on the sidelines of the session, which took place in Fiji between Aug. 15-19.

The Kingdom was represented by the Saudi Grains Organization.

SAGO governor Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Faris said the Kingdom’s participation in ISO meetings came from the important role in the global sugar trade and represented an additional step toward deepening the organization’s role in the food security system as sugar was a basic commodity and was one of the most imported food items.

The session discussed the global sugar market, namely climate change and its impact on global supply. It also reviewed the latest market developments and the most important factors affecting global supply and demand.

There were talks on the latest developments concerning the production of fuel (ethanol) from crops producing raw sugar.

The ISO is an intergovernmental body based in London. It was established under the International Sugar Agreement in 1968 as the body responsible for managing the agreement.

ISO has 87 member countries and is tasked with encouraging sugar trade through the collection and dissemination of information about the commodity’s market, researching its new uses, and related products.