Sisi says Terrorism impeded development in Sinai

Sisi says Terrorism impeded development in Sinai

Sinai, The Gulf Observer: During his inspection tour in Sinai on Sunday morning, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said that terrorism was hindering not only people’s lives but also the development of Sinai.

He added in his speech that the state institutions have no excuse to be absent in Sinai now that security and stability are back, saying “We are keen to achieve security and stability for the residents of Sinai.”

Sisi revealed that the cost of Sinai construction and development over the past few years reached between LE 40 billion and LE 50 billion.

He called on all Egyptian state apparatuses to be cautious in dealing with the situation in Sinai, saying: “Caution and diligence should be practiced by all apparatuses” as the war against terrorism has not ended yet.

Sisi also warned against the rumors of selling the Suez Canal, stressing that these rumors only aim to impede development. He added that despite these rumors, the Egyptian people has stood by the state in the difficult times Egypt has gone through.

He highlighted the importance of communication with the tribal sheikhs of Sinai for implementing the development plans at the highest level of efficiency. He further noted that the priority of investments in Sinai will be given to the businesses of Sinai residents.

As for Egypt’s plan regarding water security, President Sisi said that all coastal cities will have desalination plants. “Some agricultural lands in Sinai are expected to give produce by the end of this year,” he said.