Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi launches ‘Go Green’ initiative

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi University launches 'Go Green' initiative

Abu Dhabi, The Gulf Observer: In light of the UAE hosting the COP28 in 2023 and climate change and global environmental concerns, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi University conducted the launch of “Go Green 2023” initiative in the presence of Professor Nathalie Drach-Temam, President of Sorbonne University, Professor Silvia Serrano, Vice-chancellor Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi and members of the academic, administrative and student bodies.

“Go Green 2023” aims to contribute to raising awareness among the university community on climate change topics as well as to develop students’ capacities and enhancing their participation in developing initiatives that address climate change challenges, environmental concerns and contribute in moving towards a more sustainable future.

The initiative, organised by the University’s Department of Geography and Planning, focuses on three key themes including carbon footprint reduction, sustainable development activities and the launch of collaborative environmental research.

In this regard, Professor Silvia Serrano, Vice-Chancellor, Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi said, “This initiative was launched with the aim of integrating students into global events, raising awareness of current environmental issues, sharing practical solutions, empowering students to think innovatively and critically, and promote sustainable development, as well as strengthening the role of the University as a research-led institution.”

Professor Serrano continued, “These initiatives will encourage students to play an active role in topics regarding the climate risks surrounding our world and engage them in finding sustainable solutions to environmental challenges and in mitigating the negative impact of climate change.”

“Go Green” initiative complements the Paris Climate Agreement (COP 21) that set the benchmark for global efforts to increase governments’ long-term ambition and commitment to improve climate change and preserve the environment.

The initiative aligns with the University’s CSR initiatives to commit to a more sustainable environment and to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by working on reducing carbon emissions and improving resilience against climate change.