Strategic Meeting Advances Gas Cooperation Between Türkiye and Turkmenistan

Strategic Meeting Advances Gas Cooperation Between Türkiye and Turkmenistan

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: A crucial meeting held in Ankara marked a significant milestone in the collaboration between Turkiye and Turkmenistan in the natural gas sector, aligning with Turkiye’s objective of establishing itself as a prominent hub in the global natural gas market. The discussions centered around the transportation of Turkmenistan’s substantial natural gas reserves, totaling 13.6 trillion cubic meters, to Turkiye through Azerbaijan.

The meeting, convened at the BOTAŞ building on January 29, brought together key representatives, including Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to Ankara, Mekan İşanguliyev, and a delegation from Turkmengaz and Turkmenpetrol, led by BOTAŞ Deputy General Manager Mithat Aydın. The deliberations emphasized the pivotal role of continuous communication between the two state entities, in line with the “Memorandum of Understanding on the Development of Cooperation in the Energy Field,” signed on December 14, 2022.

In the initial phase, the collaborative effort aims to transport Turkmenistan gas to Turkiye via Azerbaijan, tapping into the world market. As a long-term strategy, there are plans to extend this collaboration, potentially involving the sale of Turkmen gas to Europe through Turkiye.

This arrangement positions Turkmenistan’s natural gas as a more economical option for Turkiye, presenting a substantial step in diversifying the country’s natural gas infrastructure and enhancing its strategic positioning. By acquiring gas from Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan outside of Russia, importing liquefied natural gas (LNG), and subsequently exporting these resources to Europe, Turkiye is poised to become a significant natural gas exporter.

Turkmenistan, boasting natural gas reserves of approximately 13.6 trillion cubic meters, ranks fourth globally in natural gas reserves, following Russia, Iran, and Qatar. This collaborative initiative is anticipated to strengthen Turkiye’s energy security, offering a reliable and diverse supply chain.

In December 2022, during the “1st Summit of Heads of State of Turkiye-Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan,” President Erdoğan highlighted the importance of working together to transport Turkmen natural gas to western markets. He expressed Turkiye’s readiness to cooperate with Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, emphasizing the spirit of friendship in the Caspian Sea.