Taliban delegates meet EU envoys in Doha

Doha, TGO: Taliban delegates on Tuesday held talks with European Union’s representatives in Doha.

According to the statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Taliban delegates reassured the EU envoys that the new ruling government of Afghanistan is committed to upholding the legitimate rights of the society.

“The participants shared their plans, recommendations, and information on the humanitarian and health situation, the educational process, and the needs of Afghanistan,” read MoFA statement.

“The EU representatives called the current educational process in Afghanistan and its progress promising, and reminded of allocation of USD 11 million in this sector, saying that given the situation, we want to increase humanitarian, educational, and health assistance in Afghanistan,” added the statement.

The Taliban delegation called on the European Union to re-launch the suspended education process and to cooperate in the field of internet services for Afghan students to have access to online courses.

Responding to the EU representatives’ concerns, the Taliban also reassured them that they were committed to the legitimate rights of the society, professional staff was being recruited, mistreatment of officials from previous administration was toxic propaganda, and that experiencing the conditions, Afghans living abroad are returning home where their skills are utilised for the development of the country.

Participants stressed the importance and continuation of such meetings.

A combination of a suspension of foreign aid, the freezing of Afghan government assets, and international sanctions on the Taliban have plunged the country, already suffering from high poverty levels, into a full-blown economic crisis.