Tanzila Narbayeva Meets UN Special Representative for Central Asia to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation

Tanzila Narbayeva

Tashkent, The Gulf Observer: In a significant diplomatic meeting, Chairperson of the Senate, Tanzila Narbayeva, welcomed the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Central Asia and the Head of the UN Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA), Kaha Imnadze, to discuss and reinforce the collaborative efforts between Uzbekistan and the United Nations.

During the meeting, both parties delved into the current state of cooperation, highlighting the strategic partnership between Uzbekistan and the UN, including its specialized agencies. A key focus was placed on the ongoing collaboration with the UNRCCA, emphasizing joint plans for the future.

The scope of cooperation with the UNRCCA encompasses critical areas such as peace and security, counterterrorism initiatives, the empowerment of women and youth to fortify peace, conflict prevention and resolution, as well as the responsible utilization of transboundary water and energy resources.

The meeting underscored Uzbekistan’s proactive role within the UN framework, presenting initiatives that garner international support and substantiate the nation’s commitment to stability, sustainable development, and the protection of human rights.

Particular attention was directed toward successful regional platforms, notably the Women Leaders Dialogue of Central Asian Countries, which has evolved into a pivotal arena for shaping impactful proposals in advancing gender equality over the past three years. The meeting advocated for establishing a permanent Dialogue Secretariat in Tashkent to further enhance the effectiveness of this initiative.

In addition, the discussion emphasized the potential of Uzbekistan’s youth, constituting half of the country’s population. A constructive exchange of ideas took place concerning practical cooperation with the UNRCCA in educating members of the Youth Parliament under the Senate in contemporary methods and tools of preventive diplomacy.

Kaha Imnadze expressed appreciation for the role of Uzbekistan in fostering peace, stability, and growth within the Central Asian region. The meeting concluded with an agreement to further develop close and constructive cooperation on pressing regional issues, reinforcing the commitment of both Uzbekistan and the UN to shared objectives in the pursuit of regional peace and prosperity.