Tashkent Gears Up for the 6th International Marathon

Tashkent Gears Up for the 6th International Marathon

Tashkent, The Gulf Observer: Today, Tashkent played host to a press conference dedicated to the highly anticipated 6th International Tashkent Marathon, set to take place on April 21. Organized by the Athletics Federation of Uzbekistan, the event is poised to attract runners from 32 countries.

The vibrant city of Tashkent is preparing to welcome over 5,500 runners for the traditional spring race, showcasing its commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The marathon, with its diverse program, will feature a classic marathon distance of 42 km, a half marathon covering 21 km, as well as shorter distances of 3 km and 10 km.

In addition to these main events, the organizers have planned special activities on the eve of the marathon. A ‘Kids Run’ race will captivate the younger participants, fostering a spirit of fitness and camaraderie. Furthermore, a Nordic walking competition will add an exciting dimension to the pre-marathon festivities.

To ensure seamless participation in the 6th International Tashkent Marathon, interested individuals are required to register on the Perfend.com platform. Registration opened on February 1 and will continue until April 5. Participants are urged to complete their registration promptly and settle the entry fee for their chosen distance.

This marathon, known for its picturesque route and warm hospitality, has become a beacon for international runners seeking both a challenging race and a cultural experience. Tashkent, with its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, promises participants an unforgettable marathon experience.

As Tashkent eagerly awaits the arrival of runners from across the globe, the 6th International Tashkent Marathon is poised to be a celebration of athleticism, cultural exchange, and the shared joy of running.

For more information and to register, please visit Perfend.com.