Tribute To Our Air Warriors

In the skies where bravery soars,
A tale of valor forever roars.
Today, we honor the sons of the PAF,
Defenders of our land, our epitome of chaff.

Amidst darkness, a threat took flight,
But our heroes emerged, shining bright.
With hearts ablaze and courage untamed,
They thwarted terror, our pride unclaimed.

Oh, valiant soldiers, so steadfast and true,
With your determination, our spirits renew.
In the face of danger, you stood tall,
Unyielding, answering the nation’s call.

Nine of our enemies met their fate,
Their wicked plans, you disintegrate.
With each life saved, a victory profound,
Our gratitude to you, forever resound.

Bravery and professionalism – your Hallmark,
The PAF’s legacy – an Eternal Spark.
Safeguarding our skies, our sacred abode,
Defending the aerial frontiers, with bravery code.

Oh, valiant soldiers, we salute your grace,
In our hearts, your triumph finds its place.
United, we stand, under Pakistan’s protection,
With the PAF, our pride, our nation’s reflection.

So let us bow our heads and pray,
For the PAF soldiers who led the way.
Pakistan Air Force, our shield and sword,
We salute you, our heroes always adored.

Poem by: Hayah Bahroni