Turkish Presidency’s Investment Office Unveils International Direct Investment Strategy

International Direct Investment Strategy

London, The Gulf Observer: The Turkish Presidency’s Investment Office made a significant stride in fostering global economic partnerships as it unveiled Türkiye’s “International Direct Investment Strategy: 2024-2028” during the prestigious Brand Finance Global Soft Power Summit 2024 in London.

Addressing an international audience at the summit on Wednesday, the Head of the Investment Office, Burak Daglioglu, highlighted Türkiye’s robust and stable economy, emphasizing its resilience, which positions the country as an enticing destination for international investors. Mr. Daglioglu underscored Türkiye’s pivotal role as a leading investment hub in its region, citing the country’s impressive economic performance over the past two decades.

During his address, Daglioglu emphasized the vital role of international direct investments in cultivating a thriving economic environment. He provided insights into the structural reforms undertaken by the Presidential Investment Office, aimed at streamlining and facilitating the investment process in Türkiye.

“As the Presidential Investment Office, we are committed to disseminating Türkiye’s vast opportunities to global investors. Today, in London, we had the privilege to engage with an esteemed audience, amplifying our investment diplomacy efforts,” stated Mr. Daglioglu.

The “International Direct Investment Strategy: 2024-2028” outlines Türkiye’s vision and plans to attract foreign investments over the next four years. The comprehensive strategy aims to capitalize on Türkiye’s stable economic foundation and further enhance its standing as an attractive destination for global investors.

The presentation at the Brand Finance Global Soft Power Summit marks a significant milestone in Türkiye’s outreach to the international business community. The Investment Office’s commitment to transparency, structural reforms, and proactive engagement with the global investment community positions Türkiye as a key player in the international investment landscape.

The Turkish Presidency’s Investment Office looks forward to building stronger collaborations with international investors and stakeholders, leveraging Türkiye’s economic strengths and creating mutually beneficial opportunities for sustainable growth.