Türkiye Aims for Complete Energy Independence, President Erdogan Declares

Türkiye Aims for Complete Energy Independence, President Erdogan Declares

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Türkiye affirmed the nation’s unwavering commitment to achieving “complete energy independence” during a meeting organized in the Black Sea province of Zonguldak on Saturday. President Erdogan emphasized that Türkiye is resolutely implementing initiatives aimed at ensuring the country’s energy security, marking a significant step towards reducing reliance on external sources.

“Our main goal is to achieve complete independence in energy. We are determined and courageously implementing initiatives that will guarantee Türkiye’s energy security,” President Erdogan declared, outlining the nation’s ambitious agenda to bolster its energy self-sufficiency.

In his address, President Erdogan shared positive developments in Türkiye’s energy landscape, specifically highlighting the daily production of oil from the Gabar mountain in the southeastern province of Sirnak. He revealed that the oil well in Gabar has surpassed a daily production rate of 35,000 barrels, underscoring the successful outcomes of Türkiye’s strategic energy initiatives.

“We aim for the daily oil production in Gabar to reach 100,000 barrels by the end of the year 2024,” President Erdogan announced, expressing confidence in Türkiye’s ability to further enhance its energy production capacities within the stated timeframe.

President Erdogan also expressed optimism about forthcoming announcements in the areas of oil, mining, and natural gas, indicating Türkiye’s continuous efforts to harness its abundant underground and above-ground resources. He emphasized the nation’s resolve to protect and utilize its resources effectively, stating, “We will never allow the prevention of Türkiye’s utilization of its underground and above-ground resources again.”

Since 2020, Türkiye has intensified efforts in oil and gas exploration, leading to the discovery of new reserves in the southeastern Gabar region. The record-breaking levels of oil production from these reserves have significantly contributed to Türkiye’s strides towards achieving energy independence, a pivotal goal for the nation’s economic sustainability and security.

President Erdogan’s announcement underscores Türkiye’s commitment to harnessing its energy potential and signifies a landmark step towards a more self-reliant and secure energy future.