Türkiye and Egypt to Enhance Cooperation on Humanitarian Aid for Gaza

Türkiye and Egypt to Enhance Cooperation on Humanitarian Aid for Gaza

Cairo, The Gulf Observer: Türkiye will continue its cooperation with Egypt to provide humanitarian and food aid to Palestine’s Gaza Strip, Turkish Ambassador to Cairo Salih Mutlu Sen announced at a breakfast event held at the Turkish Embassy on Tuesday.

Ambassador Sen emphasized the critical role of Egypt in delivering aid to the besieged Gaza Strip, which shares a border with the country. “There is no alternative to Egypt in delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza,” he stated, underscoring the strategic importance of the Rafah Border Crossing. According to UN officials, Sen noted that 95 percent of aid, particularly food aid, destined for Gaza is routed through Egypt via the Rafah crossing — the only entry point to Gaza not controlled by Israel.

Sen expressed hope that the security situation at the border would improve soon to allow more aid to reach Gaza. He attributed the current humanitarian crisis to the Israeli ground attack on Rafah, which was launched despite international warnings. “Israel is responsible for the current deterioration,” he said, calling for the Israeli army to withdraw from the Palestinian side of the Rafah Border Crossing, which it has illegally occupied since earlier this month. Both Türkiye and Egypt have demanded this withdrawal, he added.

The ambassador also highlighted that high-level visits between Türkiye and Egypt would continue to increase in the coming period. He noted that cooperation and solidarity on issues concerning Palestine would remain a top priority on their agenda.

This renewed commitment to collaboration between Türkiye and Egypt aims to ensure the steady and efficient delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza, mitigating the severe impact of the ongoing conflict on its residents.