Türkiye and Japan Forge Humanitarian Partnership for Gaza

Türkiye and Japan Forge Humanitarian Partnership for Gaza

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: In a significant diplomatic development, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan announced a collaborative effort between Türkiye and Japan for humanitarian aid to Gaza. The decision was disclosed during a press conference held in Ankara following a meeting between Minister Fidan and his Japanese counterpart, Foreign Minister Kamikava Yoko. The commitment to joint humanitarian efforts reflects the shared concern for the well-being of the people in Gaza and underscores the commitment of both nations to contribute meaningfully to alleviating the humanitarian challenges in the region.

Highlighting the deep-rooted friendship between Türkiye and Japan, Fidan emphasised on Tuesday that they elevated the relationship to a strategic partnership in 2013, building upon this solid foundation.

After recalling Japan’s significant aid to Türkiye after the earthquakes centred in Kahramanmaras on February 6, 2023, Fidan stated that they continue contributing to reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in disaster areas.

Expressing gratitude for Japan’s strong solidarity, Fidan noted that Kamikava’s visit took place at the beginning of 2024, marking the 100th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Thrilled about the Turkish-Japanese Science and Technology University, one of their significant projects, starting operations this year, Fidan stated that this university, a symbol of cooperation in education, would also diversify Türkiye-Japan collaboration.

Discussing the fate of long-negotiated economic partnerships and social security agreements during his meeting with Kamikava, he expressed his intention to conclude them based on mutual benefit and sign them as soon as possible.

Fidan also mentioned their ongoing efforts for the Türkiye-Japan Energy Forum, scheduled for the first time this year, as a multidimensional collaboration element, emphasising the importance they attach to realising the existing cooperation potential in the energy sector.

Noting Japan’s recent steps in defence and security, he expressed that he believes in new partnership opportunities between the two countries in the defence industry.

Addressing cooperation in counterterrorism with his Japanese counterpart, Fidan stated they would intensify joint efforts in this field, saying, “Today, we had the opportunity to discuss not only our bilateral relations but also regional issues with the esteemed Minister.”

Speaking at the joint press conference after the closed-door meeting, Japan’s Foreign Minister Kamikava Yoko recalled the foundation of Türkiye-Japan relations in the tragedy of the Ertugrul Frigate in 1890, stating, “We established relations that assist each other in difficult situations.”

Kamikava expressed satisfaction at the warm reception from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Foreign Minister Fidan, and the Turkish people, saying, “I strongly felt the long-standing friendship and trust between Japan and Türkiye.”

She expressed that discussions were held on efforts to promptly improve the critical humanitarian situation in Palestine’s Gaza, stating, “We also agreed to continue our cooperation, including within the NATO framework, for the swift cessation of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, and to continue our joint efforts for the reconstruction of Ukraine.”