Türkiye Calls for Decisive International Action Against Israel’s War on Gaza

Türkiye Calls for Decisive International Action Against Israel's War on Gaza

New York, The Gulf Observer: In a strongly worded address to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Türkiye’s Deputy Foreign Minister and UN representative, Ahmet Yildiz, condemned Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip and urged decisive international action to address the ongoing crisis.

During a UNSC session held on Thursday, Yildiz highlighted the repeated gatherings of the council since October 7 of the previous year. He reminded the council of the strong statements and condemnations issued against Israel’s alleged atrocities during these meetings.

“Nevertheless, the UN Charter, the bedrock of international law, is still routinely breached; the UN Security Council resolutions are still contemptuously ignored by Israel,” Yildiz lamented.

Pointing to the alarming death toll in Gaza, the Turkish diplomat emphasized that the region’s killing rates are among the highest in the world, drawing comparisons to the tragic events witnessed during the Rwandan genocide. Yildiz further underscored Israel’s trial before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for alleged violations of the International Convention on Genocide.

“Israeli actions aimed at changing the character and status of the occupied Palestinian territories are also violations of international law,” Yildiz stated, noting Türkiye’s submission of statements to the ICJ regarding this matter.

Asserting the universality of international law, Yildiz emphasized that no country is immune from its obligations. He questioned the lack of action by the UNSC in response to what he described as Israel’s “brazen violations of international law and Security Council resolutions.”

The statement from Türkiye’s Deputy Foreign Minister reflects growing international concern over the situation in Gaza and calls for a concerted effort by the international community to address the crisis and uphold international law.