Türkiye Calls for ‘Zero Tolerance’ Towards PKK Terrorism in Europe

Türkiye Calls for 'Zero Tolerance' Towards PKK Terrorism in Europe

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: The Turkish foreign ministry issued a stern warning in response to the PKK terrorist organization’s escalating aggression against the Turkish community in Europe, following a recent attack in Germany.

In a distressing incident, 12 sympathizers of the PKK attempted to vandalize the Turkish Consulate General in Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony in northwestern Germany, during a march in support of the terrorist group on Tuesday. Despite their efforts to break the consulate’s windows, swift action by consulate staff prevented any casualties or injuries.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Turkish foreign ministry underscored the imperative of robust security measures to safeguard Turkish citizens and diplomatic missions. Consul General Ozge Gul Kaya promptly requested heightened security protocols from German authorities for both the consulate general and the premises of Turkish civil society organizations.

Diplomatic channels were activated, with Turkish representatives engaging German officials, including Jurgen Schulz, Germany’s ambassador to Ankara, to address the security concerns. The Turkish foreign ministry stressed the critical role of European countries in maintaining zero tolerance towards the PKK’s nefarious activities and called for swift justice against perpetrators.

Highlighting the PKK’s escalating aggression against the Turkish community in Europe, the ministry urged concerned nations to act decisively in apprehending and prosecuting those responsible for such acts of terror.

In a parallel demonstration of solidarity with the PKK, sympathizers in Hamburg staged a march on Tuesday evening, under the escort of German police. This incident underscores the broader challenge of addressing PKK sympathizers’ activities across European territories, including recent incidents in Belgium targeting local Turkish communities.

The Turkish foreign ministry’s admonition serves as a clarion call for concerted action to combat terrorism and uphold the safety and security of all citizens, irrespective of nationality, within European borders.