Türkiye, Egypt Forge Comprehensive Partnership with Signing of Joint Declaration

Türkiye, Egypt Forge Comprehensive Partnership with Signing of Joint Declaration

Cairo, The Gulf Observer: In a landmark diplomatic development, Türkiye and Egypt have inked a historic joint declaration, solidifying their commitment to a multifaceted partnership encompassing politics, security, trade, and culture. The declaration, signifying a pivotal moment in the relations between the two nations, was signed on Wednesday by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el Sisi in Cairo.

The joint declaration focuses on the restructuring of the High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council meetings, emphasizing the deep-rooted historical and cultural ties between Türkiye and Egypt. Both leaders underscored their dedication to fortifying the robust relations between Ankara and Cairo for the mutual benefit of their countries and peoples. The accord aims to enhance solidarity and cooperation, contributing to peace, stability, and prosperity in their respective regions and beyond.

The presidents of Türkiye and Egypt will co-chair future High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council meetings, scheduled to convene alternatively in Türkiye and Egypt every two years. The foreign ministers of both countries will coordinate the Council’s work, including the preparation of meeting agendas. Joint Planning Group meetings, co-chaired by the foreign ministers, will precede the Council sessions, bringing together senior officials from various ministries and institutions.

The joint declaration outlines an extensive framework for cooperation, encompassing political and diplomatic relations, economic collaboration, trade, banking and financial services, investments, transportation, aviation, maritime, tourism, health, labor, security, military and defense industry, counterterrorism efforts, culture, education, science and technology, energy, mining, agriculture, environment, forestry, housing and urban transformation, climate change, communication and information, and consular affairs.

To operationalize this ambitious cooperation, the foreign ministers, along with other relevant ministers, are tasked with completing internal procedures necessary for the preparation of required Memoranda of Understanding and agreements. Additionally, they are entrusted with ensuring the approval and implementation of these agreements, fostering a tangible and enduring partnership between Türkiye and Egypt.

This momentous agreement signals a new chapter in the diplomatic landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean, reflecting a shared vision for progress, stability, and collaboration between Türkiye and Egypt.