Türkiye Provides Military Training to Gambia

Türkiye Provides Military Training to Gambia

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: In preparation for hosting the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit in early May, Türkiye has extended military training support to Gambia, facilitating the enhancement of security measures and capabilities in the West African nation.

From April 7th to 28th, a comprehensive training program was conducted in the capital city of Banjul, where 351 Gambian soldiers received specialized instruction across various domains, including VIP protection.

The closing ceremony of the training, attended by Türkiye’s Ambassador to Gambia, Fahri Turker Oba, Gambian Defence Minister Sering Modou Njie, Gambian Chief of Defence Staff Mamat Cham, and numerous soldiers, marked the culmination of this collaborative effort.

Ambassador Oba underscored the significance of the training in bolstering the preparedness of Gambian security forces for the upcoming summit and emphasized its enduring benefits for the nation’s security landscape.

Expressing gratitude, Defence Minister Njie extended heartfelt appreciation to Türkiye for its steadfast support, highlighting the nation as a reliable development partner for Gambia.

The military training initiative reflects Türkiye’s commitment to fostering international cooperation and contributing to the peace and stability of nations within the OIC framework.