Türkiye Stands in Solidarity with Kazakhstan Amid Devastating Floods

Türkiye Kazakhstan

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: The Turkish Foreign Ministry expressed deep sympathy and solidarity with the people and government of Kazakhstan as devastating floods wreak havoc across multiple regions of the Asian country.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry conveyed profound sadness over the catastrophic floods affecting various parts of Kazakhstan, which have resulted in serious damage and forced tens of thousands of Kazakhstani citizens to evacuate their homes.

“We are deeply saddened by the devastating floods in various regions of Kazakhstan,” the ministry stated.

Expressing heartfelt condolences to the people and government of Kazakhstan, Türkiye emphasized its readiness to provide any necessary assistance to aid in the recovery efforts and alleviate the suffering caused by this disaster.

The ongoing floods, which began last week, have severely impacted several regions in the Urals and western Siberia, leading to significant damage and displacement of thousands of individuals and farm animals.

According to recent updates from the Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations, the floods have affected 3,171 private homes and 179 residential areas across six regions. Rescue operations have successfully evacuated 46,755 individuals, including 14,589 children, and transferred 60,000 farm animals to safe areas.

Furthermore, 2,602 individuals, including 759 children, have been evacuated by air to ensure their safety. Temporary accommodation centers are currently hosting 12,541 people, including 6,439 children.

In response to the crisis, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has declared a state of emergency in 10 regions of the country, underscoring the magnitude of the disaster, which he described as potentially the largest natural calamity in Kazakhstan in terms of scale and impact in 80 years. President Tokayev has called for comprehensive measures to assist those affected and ensure their well-being.

The Turkish government’s expression of solidarity underscores the strong bond between Turkey and Kazakhstan and highlights Türkiye’s commitment to standing by its regional partners during times of adversity and crisis.