Türkiye’s oil production in southeastern region exceeds 30,000 barrels per day

Türkiye's oil production in southeastern region exceeds 30,000 barrels per day

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: Türkiye’s oil production in the southeastern Gabar region has exceeded 30,000 barrels per day (bpd), Energy and Natural Resources Minister Alparslan Bayraktar has said.

“We extract oil in Gabar and now, we have exceeded 30,000 bpd,” Bayraktar said on Thursday during a meeting in Ankara, referring to the region in Türkiye’s southeastern Sirnak province.

“As we did in Gabar, we will explore natural gas within our inland borders and end Türkiye’s reliance on energy imports,” he added according to a statement from the ministry.

Noting that one of the biggest obstacles to becoming a great and powerful country is Türkiye’s dependence on imported energy resources, Bayraktar said Türkiye aims to be fully independent in energy “within the next 30 years.”

Various issues including the Black Sea natural gas, Gabar oil discovery and nuclear energy were discussed at the gathering.

Last week, the country’s state-owned oil company Turkish Petroleum (TPAO) announced that the country’s daily oil production in the Gabar region reached 30,000 barrels.

“Record oil production at Gabar, 30,000 barrels per day,” the TPAO said on X, adding that the spike in daily oil production came from 23 wells in recently discovered fields in the Gabar Mountain region.

The company set its production target at 35,000 bpd for 2023 and 100,000 bpd for 2024.

Türkiye has boosted its efforts for oil and gas exploration activities since 2020.