Turkmenistan, Iran Explore Enhanced Cooperation in Gas Industry

Turkmenistan, Iran Explore Enhanced Cooperation in Gas Industry

Tehran, The Gulf Observer: The 28th Iranian International Exhibition of Oil, Gas, Oil Refining, and Petrochemicals, known as the Iran Oil Show 2024, served as a platform for discussions on deepening partnership between Turkmenistan and Iran in the gas industry. Murad Archayev, Chairman of the “Turkmengaz” State Concern, emphasized the significance of strengthening collaboration with Iran during the event.

According to reports from IIC, Archayev highlighted the importance of expanding technical cooperation and exploring opportunities for participation in gas swaps between the two nations. In discussions with Majid Chegeni, Managing Director of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Archayev underscored Iran’s pivotal role as a major player in the global gas market.

Chegeni reciprocated the sentiment, expressing Iran’s keen interest in bolstering cooperation with Turkmenistan through the exchange of energy resources and the involvement of Iranian companies in projects within the Turkmen fuel and energy complex.

During the meeting, Chegeni emphasized the mutual benefits of the Turkmen-Iranian gas partnership, highlighting Iran’s readiness to provide technical expertise and collaborate across various segments of the gas industry. Additionally, Chegeni announced Iran’s forthcoming hosting of a ministerial meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum later this year, extending support for Turkmenistan’s potential membership in the forum.

The discussions at the Iran Oil Show 2024 underscored the shared commitment of Turkmenistan and Iran to fostering strategic cooperation in the gas sector, aiming to capitalize on mutual strengths and contribute to regional energy security and stability.