Turkmenistan Representatives Participate In Iran Maritime Economy Forum

Turkmenistan Representatives Participate In Iran Maritime Economy Forum

Ashgabat, The Gulf Observer: Representatives from the Türkmendeňizderýaýollary (Turkmen Maritime and River Roads) agency actively participated in the Iran Maritime Economy Forum, an event dedicated to addressing key issues related to enhancing international trade and transport connections in the North-South and West-East corridors among regional countries.

According to the agency’s announcement on Tuesday, the forum brought together representatives from transport companies, government bodies, and business groups in Iran. The discussions centered around the strategic importance of three major transport corridors: “Europe-Russia-Azerbaijan-Iran-India,” “Russia-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran-India,” and “Russia-Iran-India.”

Key meetings were conducted during the forum with representatives from the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran. The Turkmen delegation presented comprehensive insights into Turkmenistan’s sea port system, national merchant fleet, and shipbuilding capabilities. Discussions focused on exploring opportunities for expanded cooperation, with particular emphasis on the capacity and potential incentives for foreign companies operating in Iran’s northern ports, including Anzali, Amirabad, Nowshahr, among others.

The Turkmen representatives engaged in separate round-table discussions with M.B. Akdam, the Chief Advisor of Behineh Tarabar Azhour company, exploring avenues for collaboration and mutual benefits.

This participation in the Iran Maritime Economy Forum underscores Turkmenistan’s commitment to fostering regional connectivity and advancing international trade partnerships. The discussions and exchanges of expertise during the event contribute to the strengthening of ties among nations sharing common goals in the field of maritime and river transportation.