U.S. Airlifts Embassy Personnel in Haiti, Boosts Security Amid Crisis

U.S. Military Executes Airlift Operation in Haiti, Reinforcing Embassy Security Amid Escalating Crisis

Washington, The Gulf Observer: In response to the escalating crisis in Haiti, the U.S. military confirmed on Sunday that it has executed an operation to airlift non-essential embassy personnel from the country. Simultaneously, U.S. forces have been deployed to reinforce embassy security as Haiti grapples with a state of emergency, primarily fueled by intensifying gang violence.

This decisive action by the U.S. military reflects the severity of the situation in Haiti, where ongoing gang conflicts pose a significant threat to the stability of the government, prompting a wave of displaced citizens.

“The airlift of personnel into and out of the embassy is consistent with our standard practice for embassy security augmentation worldwide, and no Haitians were on board the military aircraft,” stated the U.S. military’s Southern Command in a released statement.

Haiti declared a state of emergency last Sunday as violence escalated, coinciding with Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s diplomatic mission to Nairobi in pursuit of a resolution for the long-delayed U.N.-backed mission. Although Kenya had committed to leading the force last year, domestic legal complications have hindered the mission’s progress.

In a diplomatic response to the crisis, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken engaged with Kenyan President William Ruto on Saturday, reiterating their commitment to a multinational security mission aimed at restoring order in Haiti. The U.S. military’s Southern Command affirmed Washington’s dedication to supporting the Haitian people, including mobilizing assistance for the Haitian National Police and expediting the deployment of the United Nations-authorized Multinational Security Support (MSS) mission.

The statement further emphasized the commitment to achieving a peaceful transition of power through free and fair elections, underscoring the United States’ ongoing efforts to address the multifaceted challenges facing Haiti.